Ben Beatie, Zoubi Arros

Sat. October 17th 2015 8pm @  Hensbury House Victoria BC (All Ages)
Hensbury House: 1218 Fairfield Road

So thrilled to have these two talented, young Victoria musicians play on our Rocktober line-up. They both synthesize a sonorous sweetness with potency that precedes their years.

Zoubi Arros grew up exploring the serene forests of Hornby Island, which has framed the calm and patient technique with which Zoubi composes music. Written from the heart, Zoubi sings her songs with a passion and vocal tonality akin to a 1920’s torch singer. This coined the term, “Torch Pop” to describe Zoubi’s genre.

Ben Beatie Grew up on the hipper side of the tracks in Prince George BC but now makes his home in Victoria. His mother was the driving force behind the PG music festival for several years of his youth, so Beni was exposed to music at a high level from an early date.

Beni's genre is shoegaze dream folk; proficient guitar styling and seductive voice.