The Bout - Battle of the bands

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So many battles! Fighting can be fun, it makes me assess my values and goals. What am I fighting for? The Bout battle of the bands comes with some great prizes (money and recording time). We need these things because it cost money to create music. Sometimes I ask the band to play a show and that means 10+ hrs of rehearsal time plus show day usually means loading in gear at 6pm, sticking around for sound check at 7 and then being ready to perform from 10pm till 11pm. Then the load out. I believe that every one of my band mates truly enjoy being a part of Zoubi and The Sea and so do I. The thing that bugs me is that even though they work their butts off, they are rarely guaranteed $50 each per gig. This also means there is not much money funneling back into the business. 

With a competition like the Bout, I am hoping that our friends and family will get an opportunity to help us put more money back into the art itself, into recording. Music rarely pays and I love to play and enjoy all the administration, booking, applications and emails but I also have a hard time getting by with part time work. It's the classic artist problem. It's the flip side of a rich life. I live in a vast community of passionate artists. Each with their own aspirations, fears and excitement. I dip constantly in and out of happiness and grief and I believe that this type of lifestyle really contributes to my resilience as a human and my ability to love and let go.


- Feb 16th, 2019