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Available for streaming May 1st

Hello friends and family!

Here is a quick update, Toronto is full of life and I am having a wonderful time here. The community is rich and thriving; I've met many actors, visual artists, and of course musicians who all inspire me to continue to follow my heart. The winter is not so cold as I expected and the second-hand stores are full of warm and wacky garments for a Zoubi. I have a variety of jobs that help me get by while leaving time for music but spend most my time gardening, teaching and doing outdoor education with youngins. Performing, teaching and being with plants fills my spirit. The wilderness is not very wild here so I do miss the mountains, trees, and the raging sea of the west coast. Not to mention my irreplaceable friends and family back home in BC (I love you!) but as I am sure you understand, my adventure is not quite over yet.

About this single

A song inspired by love and dreaming; you may recognize "Sheep" from the many times Zoubi and the Sea have played it live. It's the one known for the funky jams! This rendition was recorded at Orange Lounge in Toronto during the Independent Songwriting and Performance program. During this program, I had the pleasure of collaborating with both budding and seasoned musicians, many of which made this recording so very phenomenal. (For a full list of credits, please see the song posted online.)

What's next

Zoubi and the Sea's current ensemble is a kind group of boys who I met through school and friends of friends. They are warm hearted folks who encourage me to create and let me choose stage our outfits (within reason). Me and the Sea have been performing all around Toronto, connecting with community and preparing to record some music to share with YOU all! We plan to begin recording this summer.

Please don't forget about me and do stay tuned! for tunes! soon!

From left to right: Rafael Callejas (guitar), Morgan (auxiliary percussion), Jesse Shafer (percussion), Zoubi (feelings), Andrew Vargas (bass)
Look at that fun! The love.

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- Apr 14th, 2019